Chef since the 3rd grade...


His first live cooking demonstration was at show and tell where he prepared beef bulgogi for a very hesitant bunch of classmates and one shocked school teacher. Colin ran home from school that very afternoon, burst through the front door, declaring his future as a PROFESSIONAL CHEF (and baseball player/firefighter)... thank goodness his lack of batting skills, and fear of heights lead him to focus all his energy on the culinary arts!

Get to know us...


Professionally trained at the Culinary Institute of America, and years of sharpening his skills at restaurants across the country, Chef Colin brings his experience and passion for gastronomy to you in the most approachable way possible.

Jamie Compton is at the helm of steering you toward the culinary experience only dreams are made of! Years of event planning and several turns around the service industry brings you a keen sense of menu planning and fierce attention to detail!


What sets us apart...


What sets us apart from the cookie-cutter caterers of yesteryear you ask? Wandering Kitchen works directly with the guests in creating 100% customizable menus. Our events range from at-home family dinners to Avant-garde pop-up's. Our focus on sustainable, local ingredients makes every event fresh and unique. And, no event is too small... or out of range. 

We guarantee our services and live proudly by our motto:

have chef... will travel